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Is there ever anything ?


Però Pisa


Is the restaurant where you just eat and drink?


Where there was once an old bistro, there is now a cocktail restaurant.
It's called Però.

Born from the desire to give life to a place where to feel good at all hours, immersed in an environment where time flows comfortably, between jungle scenarios on the walls and a wraparound greenery in suspension, under the magical tree of light that dominates the center on the social table, where you can spend a pleasant evening – even in the company of those who don't know each other.

Where the expression food & beverage is transformed into a proposal of always-different-and-original combinations of cocktails and dishes, tailored to the taste of each person. Però!
Yes, it is appropriate to say WOW! and repeat it. Because everything here is designed to offer a unique experience, without many other words.


Is food the design of taste?


You don't mess with eating, right? That's why, however, the different faces of food are designed with the care of a portrait painter, who knows how to grasp and restore the different nuances of taste in detail.

It is precisely in this gesture that we feel the whole difference between good food and a unique food experience. At Però the hand of the chef Simone Princi does just that: he traces the formula of fine dining in a menu that gives body to the essential search for the good and the simple.

But Simone's particular attention to short-chain raw materials is not enough, it takes that extra accent that shifts the gaze to meet the great diversity of people's taste. Because every day is a different discovery. And each season comes full of surprises to be staged in dishes with a rich and original personality.

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Is drinking liquid selfishness?


Listen to what tells us the desire to try something different to drink for accompanying our dinner. Maybe in contrast with the prevailing flavor of the dish we have chosen.

Or in connection with our food feeling of the moment. This is what Carlo Maniscalco, bartender at Però, does every evening, with those who have chosen to try the truly intriguing experience of fine dining with cocktail.

Be careful though, this is not an empty slogan: it is an invitation to live the experience of food by dressing as the experimenter or even simply the curious. But not everything is a cocktail: at Però the drink list also offers a scenario of wines and bubbles selected for those who know that tradition is not water.

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Is the service just courtesy and respect?


Generally, few things (among the good ones) remain of a unique food experience like the one that Però offers:

the desire to come back, to be welcomed and then listened to and recommended, to taste everything, to try that combination, to meet those people, to stay longer. In short, those good things are not very few then.

Because in the end it’s us at Però who make the difference, with our personality and our character, with our desire to see you happy in the soul and satisfied in the senses, with the only concern of making you feel good again and again.


Is the square just a meeting place?


A stone's throw from the Corso, closed on all four sides and open to the sky, full of the sound of footsteps and voices.

Piazza della Pera (also called Piazza Chiara Gambacorti) is a small urban jewel that seems tailor-made to accommodate a unique place like Però.

There it’s quite natural to come and discover the true pleasantness of stopping comfortably in the outdoor area for an aperitif or an after dinner drink.



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